Why you need allies to be a successful writer - Claire Scobie
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Why you need allies to be a successful writer

Why you need allies to be a successful writer

shutterstock_85242781During my Unbound crowdfunding campaign to get The Pagoda Tree published in the UK, the value of my community has hit home. A book can take a long time to write, so it’s important to have the right people around you. This can be the  difference between success and failure.

Here are my top 5 allies for writers.

  1. My writing buddy. The person who reads my work and gives me constructive feedback, or a proverbial kick when I’ve slackened off.
  2. My family. They put up with me when I’m deep in the writing process and become forgetful, like putting muesli in the fridge 🙂
  3. My health. Writing requires ‘bum glue’, as Bryce Courtney said. That means a lot of unhealthy sitting. I do yoga, go for walks and to the gym to keep active and clear my mind.
  4. My special rituals. I light incense to encourage a positive mood and enjoy a cup of English-bought Twinings Earl Grey tea (choosey, I know!).
  5. My tools. For longhand, I have a hardback Moleskin notebook and fibre tip pen; on the computer, I love Scrivener; for revision, I play with coloured pens and index cards.

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