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Road from Lake Turkana to Maralal

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I’m Claire Scobie, an award-winning author, journalist, writing mentor & business storytelling consultant. I’m passionate about words and the power of stories to change minds — and lives. Find out about my latest books The Pagoda Tree and A Baboon in the Bedroom, & my travel memoir classic, Last Seen in Lhasa.

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Published Works


My novel The Pagoda Tree is being launched by Unbound in June 2017. Good Reading magazine chose it as one of their Best Fiction Reads. Manju Kapur says, ‘‘Scrupulously imagined and vividly detailed, Claire Scobie brilliantly evokes India on the eve of British rule…’

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Last Seen in Lhasa is a travel memoir classic. Last year, I celebrated its  10th anniversary.

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A selection of my published work across a range of topics.

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