Last Seen in Lhasa - Claire Scobie
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Last Seen in Lhasa

Since its publication in 2006 Last Seen in Lhasa has become a travel memoir classic. In 2016 Random House UK are aiming to publish a new edition to celebrate its 10th anniversary. So far it has been translated into German, Dutch and Korean. In 2007, it won the Dolman Best Travel Book Award, the UK’s only award for travel literature. Mary Ann Evans, then chair of the British Guild of Travel Writers and one of the judges, described it as ‘a true award-winning travel book’.

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‘Rich, profound and deeply moving’ Time Out

What the crtics say about Last Seen in Lhasa

‘A terrific book… a story of courage.’ 
 The AgeFinding a Soul Friend on Top of the World

‘Absorbing and rewarding… written in stylish, elegant prose. The ObserverA Path to the Orient

‘A wonderful book: warm and sincere about this extraordinary friendship, alive and honest about the changes being wrought in Tibet…(It) stayed with me for weeks.’ 
 The AustralianFabulous Fables

‘Rich, profound and deeply moving… gripping.’ Time Out**** Last Seen in Lhasa

‘Required reading…. laced with gentle humour and great affection.’ Sunday Telegraph, July 06

‘Scobie explores the changing landscape of this ancient Himalayan realm with considerable sensitivity and wit. At the heart of the story is a compelling examination of materialism and the transformative power of friendship.’ Destinasian Magazine, Oct 06

‘Scobie uses her journalistic skills to research and write movingly about its botany, Buddhism, Chinese invasion, subsequent marginalisation and grief of Tibetans, Lhasa’s modern consumerism, the beauty of Tibet’s hidden valleys, her own search for enlightenment – and most importantly, friiendship with an itinerant Buddhist nun.’ Good Reading Magazine, Sept 06

‘There has been a glut of books about women on a voyage of inner discovery in a foreign land in recent years. But this one has real substance. Scobie has written a touching account of her friendship with Ani, a nomadic nun in Tibet. The pair meet on a hunt for a rare red lily, then are drawn together over the years, eventually making a pilgrimage to the sacred Mount Kailash. This is not just a story of sisterhood but also a rigorously researched account of a dying spiritual tradition. Scobie also details the Tibetan struggle for freedom with the clear-eyed perception of an insider. This will appeal to the mind and the heart.’ The Sun-Herald, Aug 06

‘Last Seen in Lhasa is enthralling [and] beautifully written’ – Helen Garner

What other writers say

‘An intimate and moving account of a way of life that is fast disappearing’ 
- Monica Ali, author of Brick Lane

‘Utterly compelling’ 
- Stephanie Dowrick, author of Choosing Happiness

‘Truly wonderful…and inspiring’ 
- Mick Brown, author of The Spiritual Tourist

Last Seen in Lhasa is enthralling [and] beautifully written’ 
- Helen Garner, author of The Spare Room

‘Honest, deeply felt. Ani is glorious’ 
- David Davidar, author of The Solitude of Emperors

‘Honest, deeply felt. Ani is glorious’ – David Davidar

What readers say

‘Your journey reduced me to tears in many places, but at the end, I felt quite joyful. Your connection with Ani left me with beautiful feelings of peace. In many ways it’s inconceivable to me the pain of watching my country dissolve before my eyes, to see my freedom be removed, to experience strangers changing the face of my culture. But in relating your journey you made me see the pain of every Tibetan.’ 
– Karen Gribbin

‘I finished Last Seen in Lhasa this morning and absolutely loved it. I can’t get the image of Ani out of my mind. I think it’s your determination to recognise and pursue a connection with someone an ocean and many worlds away, that teaches us so much about what real friendship means. Because of your book there will be many of us who will reassess what matters in our lives and many of us who will, like you, think often of Ani.’ 
– Susie Warwick

‘I just finished reading your book and it was spectacular. I could hardly put it down…. After turning the last page of your book, I was inspired to meditate. Thank you for that – and for being willing to share such a personal journey. I’m sure your book will have a lasting effect on every single person who reads it.’ 
– Barbara Ann Weibel

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