Why writers need immersion time - Claire Scobie
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Why writers need immersion time

Why writers need immersion time

varuna_shh-quiet-zoneThere is no right way to write. Some people chip away every night, others get up at 5am (not me!). But as life is short and books take a while, I encourage my writing mentees to find time to immerse themselves in their project. It’s a way of living in your story world — fictional or non-fictional – and a chance to let your material percolate. Writing draws on the sub-conscious as well as the conscious mind. That dreamy part is needed, as much as the slavish wordsmith.

5 ways to get immersed in writing

1. Go on a writing residency. I recently completed the first full draft of my second novel during my writing fellowship at Varuna the Writing House. They award a number of fellowships each year, but you can also pay for a week at a time.
2. Do a house swap. Getting out of our usual routine helps. Is there a friend who lives in the country who would love a chance to borrow your city flat for a weekend?
3. Have a weekend staycation. Stay home; tell your friends you’re away; send your partner off.  Buy supplies, close the door and get writing.
4.  Go on a writing holiday. This is a terrific way to meet fellow writers, have a break and do some structured writing. There are loads of tour operators that offer these types of trips.
5. Book a B&B or head to a monastery. One author I know heads to a hotel for a weekend away to get her books finished, another goes to a monastery where the monks cook your meals.

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