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Setting Goals

Setting Goals

benefits of setting goals on blackboardWhether you’re starting out or you’re a seasoned writer, it really helps to set yourself goals and review them regularly. We’ll look at how you can do this with your writing, but you can do this with any part of your life. There’s lots of goal theories on the web. One of the most common is the SMART goal-setting rules. This defines goals as Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound.

  • This means that rather than saying you will write every weekend, commit to doing it for two hours every Saturday afternoon.
  • This makes you clarify how you will achieve your end outcome. So, you study the travel section of the weekend paper to work out how to make your story fit.
  • Your goal stretches you but is within reach. Aim to get published locally, then approach a glossy high-end magazine.
  • Your writing goals align and complement with the rest of your life.
  • Time-bound. This is code for a deadline. If you don’t have a timeframe to work within, you’re likely to never get things finished.

Another useful exercise is to imagine where you want to be in three years time. Be specific. Do you want to be making $1000 a month revenue from your blog or a published author? Work backwards from that date. Write an action plan in positive language with the steps you’ll need to take to realise your goal. If that feels too scary, think one year ahead. When you achieve a milestone, treat yourself with a reward.

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